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Plug into a community devoted to helping Colorado nonprofits thrive and grow!

Colorado Nonprofit Association is a membership association comprised of 1,300+ organizations and agencies dedicated to improving life in our unique state. By working together through the Association, nonprofits, businesses and individuals can have a much greater collective impact than if we were each working in isolation.

Colorado Nonprofit Association provides excellent opportunities for networking, capacity building and advocating for the nonprofit sector.

Join Us

Whether you’re a nonprofit, a for-profit business working with nonprofits, a government agency or a student or individual committed to the nonprofit sector, you can be a member of Colorado Nonprofit Association.

Learn More About Membership

Colorado Nonprofit Association membership comes with a slew of benefits and opportunities including free access to our network and discounts on events, trainings and resources.

Every new member adds strength to our influence, support to expand our member services, and economic resources to fund our communications with the people of Colorado.

Every nonprofit, regardless of size or focus, can not only benefit from membership, but through membership can also help increase both public and private support of its services.