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Preparing Teen Moms for Long-term Independence

Hope House of Colorado

Nonprofit member since 2002

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Did you know?

  • Less than 1 percent of teen moms will ever graduate from college.
  • Only half will earn their high school diploma.
  • 67 percent live below the poverty line.

Hope House of Colorado works hard to destroy those stats.

Meet Jenni, who is breaking the vicious cycle of generational poverty by living in the Hope House Residential Program, where she recently earned her GED. Today Jenni attends a local community college as well as Parenting and Healthy Relationships classes at Hope House.

Through hard work and determination, she is changing her future ... and her son’s future, too.

Every year more than 150 teen moms like Jenni participate in the free self-sufficiency programs at Hope House, changing their destiny!

Hope House of Colorado. Empowering teen moms.

Hope House is metro-Denver’s only resource providing free self-sufficiency programs to parenting teen moms, including Residential, GED and College & Career Support programs. Additional supportive services include Healthy Relationships and Parenting Programs, Early Learning, Life Skills workshops and certified counseling, all designed to prepare them for long-term independence.

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